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Vibration Analyzer & Balancer-ROKADE VAB100


Intelligent LED Display

Excellent Equipment Performance

Human-machine Interface

Super Clear Exquisite Color Display

Solid Shell

Large Capacity Storage

High Capacity Lithium Battery

Lifetime free software updates

In-built 30,000+ bearing database (SKF, FAG, TNT, NSK etc.)


ROKADE Vibration Analyzer & Balancer VAB100 is suitable for all kinds of rotating machines, such as motor, pump, air compressor, windmill, gear box, steam turbines, generators, cooling towers, etc. With the powerful Analysis software, we can manage the equipment database, monitor trend of state, analyze the abnormal cause and generate the report.


Intelligent LED Display

Different color of LED lights indicate the state of instrument and battery

Excellent Equipment Performance

The stable and efficient Windows CE Microsoft operating system

Powerful data processing ability with 400MHz high- performance

Human-machine Interface

Portable,One-hand operation

Intelligent Sensitization to automatically adjust the brightness of the LCD screen

Super Clear Exquisite Color Display

65000 color Quarter VGA TFT display

Bright backlight

Auto off

Solid Shell

Light and compact(900g)

IP 65

Non-slip design

Large Capacity Storage


High Capacity Lithium Battery

large capacity lithium battery for > 8 hours of continuous use on a full charge.

Common Machine Faults Diagnosis



Bearing Defects


Structural Resonance

Gear Wear


Route Based Data Collection

Total Vibration Trend Monitoring

FFT Analysis

Time Domain Waveform Analysis

Single, Double-plane Dynamic Balance

Speed Measurement

Vector Decomposition and Synthesis

Raw Data Analysis

ISO Permissible Unbalance Query

Vibration Measurements

FFT Spectrum & Time Waveform

Single / Double Plane Balancing

Data Collection & Analysis Software

Our software has the functions of equipment condition data collection, management, machine status alarm, trends and fault diagnosis. It provides the user with a convenient and flexible work platform, which enables it to manage machine status data, collect schedule data, evaluate machine status, analyse machine fault and plan predictive maintenance.

Vibration Measurement


Time Waveform

Balancing (1 / 2 Plane)

Report Generation


Time Domain Waveform Analysis

FFT analysis

Vibration Trend Analysis

ISO 10816

Complete Kit


Display Colorful backlit LCD screen, 320*240pixels, TFT 65536

RAM : 64GB

Flash : 1GB

Communication USB2.0 Full Speed
Power Lithium-ion, Operating time >8 hours continuous, Recharge time 2-3 hours
Size 190 x 110 x 38mm
Weight 900g

Encloser: IP65 Dust-tight and splash-resistant

Drop Test: 1.2m

Operation Temperature: -10℃~ 50℃

Humidity Range: 0% ~ 80% Relative humidity


Channel: 2 vibration +1speed

Signal Types: Speed, acceleration, displacement, AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current

Simulation of coupling: AC/DC/ICP(20V@2.4mA)

Signal: ±25V

Dynamic range: >80dB

FFT resolution: 400~12800 lines

Analog Filter: High(2Hz / 10Hz / 100Hz / 1000Hz), Low(10Hz / 100Hz / 1000Hz / 40kHz), Anti-aliasing filter 50~40kHz

Window function type: rectangular, Hanning, Hamming, Flat Top

Lines: Linear, peak, square root

Dynamic Balance

Speed range: 60~300,000 RPM

Dynamic balance : Single, double-sided dynamic balance, vibration analysis

Acquisition signal type: the unit can be set free

Operation: Wizard type operation

Toolbox: time/frequency domain analysis, history browsing, manually entered, data review, vector decomposition/synthetic, ISO permissible unbalance query, add calculation






Oil & Gas



Ball Mills



Pulp & Paper

Pulp Refiners

Hydro Turbine

Steam Turbines

Turbo Expanders

Electric Motors

Mill Monitoring

Axial Compressors

Turbo Machinery

Power Machinery

Reciprocating Pumps

Screw Compressors

Industrial Gas Turbines

Centrifugal Compressors

Reciprocating Compressors

Aeroderivative Gas Turbines

Horizontal and Vertical Centrifugal Pumps